Enhancing Pathways for Strategic Transformation

We have a vision of a diverse and strong Africa, where her people have equitable opportunities to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Our mission is to provide indigenous and exceptional solutions and interventions to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our clients engage us during all phases of their development. Often, our interventions become cathartic instances in the life of organisations, precipitating previously unrealised potential.

We believe that there is a strong nexus between the rule of law, economic development and the realisation of human rights and other indicators of well-being such as the Millenium Development Goals. While we have established the Indiba-Africa Group as a key catalyst in the strengthening of the rule of law in Africa, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the rule of law is underpinned by the notion that the poor and vulnerable and are equipped to resist social exclusion, disempowerment and extreme poverty.

In the course of the next five years, our intent is to shape the African social justice agenda to include the systematic economic causes of rights violation and the rethinking of global justice and how to achieve a more equitable distribution of resources as part of the solution to the violation of human rights. We also intend to contribute to the establishment of a critical mass of multi-sectoral organisations working with governments, with the necessary capacity to promote and protect social justice in Africa. 




Latest News

UN Women

We are currently assisting UN Women in Afghanistan as Reporting Support Consultant.

Paralegals in Malakand, Pakistan

In 2015, we assisted UNDP in the development of a University of Malakand Certificate Course for community-based paralegals working in Malakand.

Community Advice Offices

During the course of 2015, we concluded significant assignments in the Community Advice Office (CAO)/Community-Based Paralegal Sector. Our work has opened new windows of opportunity in South Africa for a national common approach to the further development and sustainability of this sector. We have also placed on the this agenda for change, the establishment of a national basket fund. Finally, we have assisted the Association for Community Advice Offices of South Africa (ACAOSA) to finalise its policy on national statutory regulation of the sector.

CSO Resources

CSO Resources is a public space, dedicated to listing donors providing financial support in the "Participation" and "Health and Well-being" sectors in South Africa, as well as listing some of the coalitions that exist in these sectors. 

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DRC Child Soldiers

In December 2013, we facilitated a highly successful workshop entitled "Grassroots Organisational Capacity Development: The Path to Sustainable Initiatives", for the Global Fund for Children and its Southern African partners. Starting in January/February 2014, the Indiba-Africa Group will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo conducting organisation development work for a local NGO focusing on the reintegration of child soldiers into society.
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