Human rights

Human rights is an integral aspect of all our work. We understand the complexity of legal frameworks and how they relate to human rights. We understand the local, regional, national and international frameworks for human rights in Africa. We assist our clients in research, advocacy, lobbying and campaigning, and policy formulation. Our expertise lies in:

  1. Enhancing delivery of government services
  2. Understanding and applying legal principles, policies & practice underpinning human rights based approaches to justice sector reform
  3. Human rights based needs assessments, programme design, implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluations
  4. Developing programming tools & checklists (including benchmarks & indicators of human rights change)
  5. Documenting case studies from national contexts as well as international field missions (including conflict and post-conflict)
  6. Campaigning, advocacy and lobbying
  7. Accountability assessments of existing human rights policies and procedures, such as independence of complaints procedures and effectiveness of inspection systems
  8. Harmonising traditional and informal systems such as restorative justice systems, into formal justice systems
  9. State compliance with international law and norms
  10. Ratification and harmonizing national law with international law
  11. Auditing domestic compliance with international human rights obligations
  12. State reporting including assistance with reporting in terms of the Universal Periodical Report
  13. The provision of independent investigation, monitoring and reporting on human rights violations services (fact-finding missions)
  14. Human rights education and human rights training, especially as regards an introduction to human rights, the development of effective techniques for monitoring compliance with human rights standards and the investigation, monitoring and reporting on human rights violations