Anil Naidoo

Anil is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Indiba-Africa Group. The Indiba-Africa Group is a sought after partner by leading institutions, corporations and organisations in Africa and Asia. Anil has nineteen years of significant professional experience in human rights, the rule of law, strategy and organisation development.

He is a strong strategic thinker and has helped shape the human rights agenda of the region. His work has has had a lasting impact on the sustainability and effectiveness of our clients. In 1994, Anil began working with the Community Law Centre in widening rural access to justice in South Africa before being appointed Southern African Regional Coordinator of Adilisha in December 2000. This resulted in the development of the Oxford University accredited distance learning capacity building courses for nonprofit organisations in Southern Africa. These highly successful courses have since also attracted students from the public and private sectors as well as UN agencies.

In 2002, Anil was appointed Executive Director of Fahamu SA. During his tenure, Fahamu South Africa won the Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) award for using SMS technology to provide rural women with agricultural extension information. Anil was also reponsible for later upscaling this project to the UmNyango Project by using SMS technology to assist women with raising their awaress on and the reporting of violence against them and gender-based exclusionary access to land practices.

Anil is a recognised African human rights activist and has lead numerous NGOs. He founded and was the first convenor of the KwaZulu Natal Human Rights Forum. Anil is the former Chairperson of Artists for Human Rights Trust and Art for Humanity and remains an Associate Board Member of the latter. He founded the South African Coalition for the International Criminal Court and is its former Chairperson. Anil also Chairs the Open Door HIV/AIDS Drop-in Centre. He is Deputy Chairperson of the Participatory Development Initiative.

Anil has lead CSO delegations to various summits including, the Non-Aligned Movement Summits, the Commonwealth Heads of States Summits, the World Council of Churches Summits and has attended many United Nations’ Preparatory Commissions’ meetings on the Rules of Evidence and Procedure of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Rome and New York and the 7th Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Anil has also provided services to the South African Development Community (SADC) as a regional expert on the ICC.

More recently, Anil has been reappointed for a fourth term to the Comité Scientifique of the World Forum of Human Rights, Nantes, France.  Anil was initially appointed in 2006 by the former Major of Nantes, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who then went on to become the Prime Minister of France. Anil was also appointed to the Jury Committee of the Prix de L’Edit de Nantes.