Armand Perry

Armand is an Associate of Indiba-Africa Group and its National Representative in Swaziland. Armand is a U.S. educated and licensed attorney, also admitted as a Solicitor in England & Wales and is expected to be admitted as an Attorney in Swaziland in May 2014. Armand’s work focuses on human rights and good governance, with a particular interest in expanding access to justice by strengthening justice delivery mechanisms, enhancing court systems, and supporting rule of law initiatives.

In the States, Armand provided direct legal services to underserved populations, representing hundreds of clients in misdemeanor, civil commitment, and felony proceedings as a public defender in Seattle, Washington. Armand appeared in general and specialized courts, routinely taking cases to verdict in both jury and bench trials. Armand also provided pro bono services to low-income tenants facing eviction, assisting clients with housing disputes in court and at the negotiating table. His work with underserved populations in both the criminal and civil contexts cemented his commitment to rights-based legal work and informs his analyses of courts, legal systems, and justice delivery.

As a licensed Solicitor in England & Wales, Armand has a unique background from which he is able to quickly and effectively analyze the needs and complexities of Commonwealth-based legal systems. His licensure in multiple countries allows him to more easily draw from the best practices of diverse legal settings and to understand the policy, cultural, and socioeconomic forces that drive legal structuring and justice delivery.

In Swaziland, where he has resided since 2011, Armand has regularly involved himself in legal development work, offering advisory services to non-profits and development partners, while maintaining ties to the professional legal community. He is intimately familiar with the workings of both traditional and more formal adjudicatory structures in Swaziland, having lead and authored an in-depth analysis of the legal rights of women and children in rural communities there. Armand has also worked with non-profits and development partners to enhance legal aid services and continues to work closely with all major stakeholders in the country on issues of access to justice.