Rule of law

We assist our clients to develop and enhance the rule of law in order to expedite the progressive realization of human rights, the deepening of democracy and the elimination of all forms of poverty. In our access to justice work, we understand the priorities and experiences of citizens, particularly of poor and marginalized people who often do not trust the formal judicial system.

A cornerstone of our work is an understanding that the justice sector in Africa, as elsewhere, is a complex and ever-evolving sector. Often, there is friction between formal and informal institutions and traditional and constitutional values and laws. In addition, the justice sector is either complemented or hindered by other government departments and agencies, the private sector and civil society. We are uniquely able to navigate these challenges and harness the value of what often appears to be diametrically opposed perspectives and operational frameworks to the rule of law. In addition, we often employ a sector-wide approach (SWAp).

Nor surprisingly then, our work is based on an understanding of the operational context and a commensurate comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the existing peculiarities.

The Indiba-Africa Group has expertise in:

  1. access to justice and legal aid
  2. democratization
  3. governance
  4. human rights
  5. institutional development
  6. justice sector reform
  7. state building
  8. transitional justice
  9. the development of institutional frameworks for enhanced:
  • access to justice
  • accountability and transparency
  • effectiveness and efficiency
  • public participation
  • sustainability and transparency

We assist governments, statutory national human rights institutions, Official Development Assistance, international agencies, philanthropists, the private sector and nonprofit organisations in the following ways:

  1. We assist in strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmed activities
  2. We lead research, conduct baseline surveys, perception surveys and polls and develop policy and laws on governance issues, public sector policy, justice sector reform, access to justice, leadership and management
  3. We assist with leading, supervising and carrying-out activities in public participation, public sector reform, including institutional development, public-private partnership, public financial management, decentralization and peace-building
  4. We are able to addresses the challenges of transition in regard to suitable governance reforms, access to justice, transitional justice and state building
  5. We are able to coordinate and oversee the preparation of reports for presentation to Parliament and intergovernmental bodies
  6. We assist foreign governments in the preparation of Country Strategy Papers, identification and the feasibility of programmes and projects
  7. We assist in the evaluation of staff performance, interviews of candidates for job openings, and evaluation of candidates taking into account national exigencies
  8. We manage, guide, develop and trains staff; foster teamwork and communication among organizational staff and across organizational boundaries
  9. We facilitate networks and collaboration and supervise the organization of meetings and seminars
  10. We engage with and manage stakeholders, including the media
  11. We assist in local, national, continental and international advocacy, campaigning and lobbying initiatives
  12. We conduct client perception studies
  13. In regard to access to justice we assist in:
  • geographical mapping
  • developing legal aid policies, legal aid legislation and legal aid guides
  • raising awareness and public outreach
  • developing community advice office and community-based paralegal services
  • providing support for participatory justice-related processes, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), court-ordered mediation services, linking  formal institutions and informal justice mechanisms, restorative justice, and enhancing access to justice for women and other vulnerable groups